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Posted by Porateku1 - February 5th, 2010

ok, guys, today is 2-05-2010 and i know its been a while since i submitted P.M.U.L ep. 1 and I know you are awaiting for me to continue it... i will, i have P.M.U.L ep. 2 almost done, but right now im announcing the soon to be submitted flash animation called WITNESS. this is a flash that ive been creating for the past year. its coming soon!

New Flash on its way by me... for you all

Posted by Porateku1 - July 25th, 2007

Here's the deal: So far, I've only made 1, yes 1 submission to Newgrounds, thanks to all of you, but in the reviews section you all gave me your 2 cents. well heres the time for you guys to help me out. I have almost completed P.M.U.L ep.2 anticipated by quite a few people here. There's 1 thing bothering me and that is my skill using FLASH. i have seen nice clear smooth animations in this page and I would like to learn how to use that skill. I want to submit P.M.U.L ep.2 but instead of it loking like ep.1, I am thinking to upgrade on the graphics on it a lil bit. Thats where you helpful guys come in.

Anybody that have read this and could spare a little time to write to me on how to use a good proper flash software (i use SWiSH) i would be really greatful for your help and support. It can be for any type of FLASH software, just give me the name and ill try to use it.

I tried FLASH mx PRO and that is really hard to understand (i ended up wasting my money on software i dont understand) Then came across SWiSHmax (a more simpler flash software) but i feel limited to what i can do.

Please help me. Tutor me ANYONE!!!!!!!

You ask yourselves, "how am i going to get credit by helping him out?" Well, your name is going to be in the credits...."like that matters"... well I think it does... What else can I do? I mean, what would you like me to?

I leave this POST with crossed fingers and hoping someone out there would find it in their heart to help me out.

Thank You